The following points have motivated the creation of an international test range directory:
  • Testing, qualification, and certification of civil & military Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) (requiring in some cases many flight hours to obtain the required statistical data) will probably make it necessary for the international RPAS community to make increased use of qualified test ranges;
  • There is a constantly increasing requirement to train and qualify  civil & military Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) pilots;
  • Test ranges are being considered in various countries as the foundation for creating centres of excellence and/or economic activity -creating RPAS-R&D centres and/or RPA pilot schools;
  • There is currently no easily accessible international test range database or directory, which permits comparison between test ranges;
  • By identifying the basic facilities & services offered by each test range, the differences between the various ranges will be made clear to potential customers;
  • Internationally, there is currently no minimal test range safety standard imposed for civil RPAS testing, qualification, certification purposes, and it may be of interest to the international RPAS community (and the regulating authorities) that such a standard is worked towards & agreed on;
  • The aforementioned points are of interest to a significant number of UVS International’s members, which are involved with RPAS;
  • The international test range directory will most probably also be of interest to a number of industrial communities not directly involved with RPAS (e.g. the upcoming commercial space flight community).


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